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TOBIAS : a tool for combinatorial testing

    Saturday June 15, 2024

Welcome to the Tobias On-Line page

Tobias is a combinatorial testing tool which generates a large number of tests by combinatorial unfolding of a test pattern.

Combinatorial testing allows to express a large set of test cases in a few lines. It allows to exhaustively test all combinations of selected parameter values.

This brings several benefits to the test engineer:

  • It frees the test engineer from clerical copy/paste activities while preparing a large repetitive test suite. It allows him/her to concentrate on insightful activities in the design of the test suite. This increases the productivity in the test production phase.

  • Large repetitive test suites increase the confidence of the test engineer in the tested software. They allow to test all possible combinations of selected inputs, providing a systematic character to the tests.

  • It eases the maintenance of a test suite. Test patterns are more compact and corrections must only be done once, in most cases.

A short presentation of Tobias par yledru

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Conditions of Use of the service

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